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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What Does CMG Do?
A: We're a full-service direct response provider. We work with broadcast stations, cable systems, and networks to provide half-hour shows and 60 and 30 second spots to monetize remnant inventory. We also offer digital services for open full-time and part-time channels.
Q: How Long Has CMG Been in the Industry?
A: We've been in the DR business for more than 18 years, under the private ownership of Mike Clark and Don Epstein.
Q: Who Does CMG Work With?

We partner with major MSOs, cable systems, broadcast and satellite providers, and networks to help them generate greater advertising revenues. And this list continues to grow. As we value the privacy of our individual clients, we do not share our client list with advertisers or anyone else. Additionally, we work with advertisers to place their ads through television media as well as generating more leads through our site

Q: How Does CMG Decide What Content to Air?
A: We accept only the top shows and spots in the DR industry. We do not test shows, instead we have established relationships with top advertisers in the DR industry. We also do not have ownership interests with a particular advertiser or product,  so we can objectively identify the top products to air. 
Q: Why Work With CMG?
A: We're devoted to each and every system that chooses to partner with us. Our AEs work hard to specifically determine the needs of each individual account they're assigned and act accordingly. We take pride in our ability to choose the most effective shows and spots for our clients' individual market demographic, our rapid response when a traffic change needs to be made, and our analysis of our clients' open avails.
Still Have Questions?
If you represent a cable system, broadcast station(s), or network, Contact Chad Olsen, Director of Affiliate Sales
If you are an advertiser, Contact Aubrey Wilson, Director of Client Services.
To find out more about our digital servers and CornerStoreTV, Contact Bill Howard, Director of Affiliate Sales.
For more general information, feel free to Contact Us.
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