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Advertising Partners
No-Risk Revenue
Cornerstone Media Group is dedicated to providing our distribution partners with the top spot and half-hour unwired inventory in the direct response industry throughout the US and Canada. Since CMG operates on a pay-for-performance or lead-gen basis, our marketing clients only pay for the items that are actually sold or leads actually generated and their media is never at risk.
Already Established Relationships
Using proven and reliable distribution channels, CMG’s advertisers supplement their cash buy by taking advantage of our already established relationships with local and national media outlets. For ad agencies, the additional revenue generated by our media outlets’ greater overall results will help secure long-term AOR relationships in a competitive environment. We’re also able to generate higher revenues because we run spots on an ROS basis as well as schedule flights to increase conversions.
Making More And Saving More
While we're making more revenue for our advertisers, we can save them money as well. CMG can help advertisers save on telemarketing cost because of our efficient setup process.
Additional Opportunities
In addition to these opportunities available through our traditional CMG Direct Response network, we also offer time which we own through CornerStoreTV. With only a few dubs, our partners can reach the entire CornerStoreTV Network.

For advertising clients looking for more exposure for a particular show or spot, we can schedule an ad in multiple markets on the same day or time, regardless of time zone, since we schedule each market independently.

Also, because of this, we can accommodate shows that have market restrictions and/or call center restrictions and will schedule those shows as directed on CornerStoreTV.

We also cross-promote our CornerStoreTV network with our website, creating web links with our media partners. provides a direct link between the consumer and the product supplier, which increases awareness and generates greater revenues for our advertising partners.
While our business is supplying media solutions, we believe in sharing industry success.
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